Sunday, 8 December 2013

MongoDB & Core Concepts

O MongoDB & Core Concepts
Difference between NOSQL and SQL
History of versions

O Environments & Production Deployments
O Installation in windows & Linux
O DB Architecture & Deployment models
O CRUD and Mongo Shell
Creating Databases
DML Operations
DDL Operations

o User Managements 

Creating Users
Granting Permissions

O Replication – Replica Sets

Replication Concepts
Replication Processes
Master and Slave Replication
Replication Set Architecture
Configuration of Replication
O Admin Commands

O Monitoring Tools


O Backup and Recovery
O Performance Tuning
Index Management
Types of Indexes
Query Optimization
Performance Troubleshooting
Distributed Queries

O MongoDB Sharding
Sharding Concepts
Sharded Cluster Components
Sharded Cluster Architectures
Sharded Cluster Behavior

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