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mongodb database versions and editions

mongoDB Versions

Current Stable Release
Previous Stable Release
about Version Numbers
There are three numbers in a MongoDB version:
<major version number>.<release number>.<revision number>
The second number, the release number, indicates release stability. An odd release number indicates a release in a development series. Even numbered releases indicate a stable, general availability, release.
Additionally, the three numbers indicate the following:
  • <major version number>: This rarely changes. A change to this number indicates very large changes to MongoDB.
  • <release number>: A release can include many changes, including new features and updates. Some changes may break backwards compatibility. See release notes for every version for compatibility notes. Even-numbered release numbers are stable branches. Odd-numbered release numbers are development branches.
  • <revision number>: This digit increments for every release. Changes each revision address bugs and security issues,
Version numbers:
  • 1.0.0 : First stable release
  • 1.0.x : Bug fixes to 1.0.x. These releases carry low risk. Always upgrade to the latest revision in your release series.
  • 1.1.x : Development release. Includes new features not fully finished and other works-in-progress. Some things may be different than 1.0
  • 1.2.x : Second stable release. This is a culmination of the 1.1.x development series.

MongoDB Subscription

MongoDB Enterprise
4 Hours
1 Hour
30 Minutes
9am – 9pm local, M – F
24 x 7 x 365
24 x 7 x 365
Emergency Patches
Not Included

MongoDB Enterprise

MongoDB Enterprise is the commercial edition of MongoDB that provides enterprise-grade capabilities. MongoDB Enterprise enables customers to be as agile and scalable as a startup while addressing the more demanding requirements of the modern enterprise.
MongoDB Enterprise includes advanced security features, management tools, software integrations and certifications. With MongoDB Enterprise, organizations are building new types of applications, improving customer experience, accelerating time to market and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) -- while mitigating business risk and maintaining the security, compliance and uptime standards that their businesses require.
These value-added capabilities are not included in the open-source edition of MongoDB. MongoDB Enterprise is available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Subscription, which also comes with 10gen’s most comprehensive SLA.
MongoDB Enterprise includes:
  • Advanced Security. Kerberos Authentication enables enterprise and government customers to integrate MongoDB Enterprise into standard security systems.
  • Monitoring. On-Prem Monitoring provides visualization and alerts for MongoDB on over 100 system metrics. It is based on the same application that powers 10gen’s popular cloud-basedMongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS).
  • Enterprise Software Integration. SNMP support makes it easy to integrate MongoDB with popular management and monitoring tools, such as Nagios.
  • Certified OS Support. MongoDB Enterprise has been tested and certified on Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux to provide stability.
MongoDB Enterprise
JSON Data Model with Dynamic Schemas
Auto-Sharding for Horizontal Scalability
Built-In Replication and High Availability
Full, Flexible Index Support
Rich Document Queries
Fast In-Place Updates
Aggregation Framework and MapReduce
Large Media Storage with GridFS
Text Search
Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Deployments
Role-Based Privileges
Advanced Security with Kerberos

On-Prem Monitoring

SNMP Support

OS Certifications

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